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10:52True Facts: Trap Jaw Ants
True Facts: Trap Jaw Antswyświetleń 2M7 dni temu
4:53True Facts: Help The Bats!
True Facts: Help The Bats!wyświetleń 933KMiesiąc temu
10:29True Facts: Deception in the Rainforest
True Facts: Deception in the Rainforestwyświetleń 1,3MMiesiąc temu
11:43True Facts: The Incredible Tardigrade
True Facts: The Incredible Tardigradewyświetleń 1,4M2 miesięcy temu
9:28True Facts: Army Ant Riders
True Facts: Army Ant Riderswyświetleń 3,1M4 miesięcy temu
10:39True Facts: Snake and Lizard Tongues
True Facts: Snake and Lizard Tongueswyświetleń 1,5M5 miesięcy temu
12:13True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior
True Facts: The Hummingbird Warriorwyświetleń 3,1M8 miesięcy temu
10:20True Facts: Macaques
True Facts: Macaqueswyświetleń 2,3M9 miesięcy temu
12:50True Facts: Cats' Killer Senses
True Facts: Cats' Killer Senseswyświetleń 2,9M10 miesięcy temu
5:43True Facts: BatFishes
True Facts: BatFisheswyświetleń 2,2M11 miesięcy temu
10:23True Facts: Killer Surfing Snails
True Facts: Killer Surfing Snailswyświetleń 6M11 miesięcy temu
3:03Pets in Isolation
Pets in Isolationwyświetleń 2,2MRok temu
1:38Backward Hippo
Backward Hippowyświetleń 4MRok temu
10:36True Facts: The Wacky Giraffe
True Facts: The Wacky Giraffewyświetleń 3,3MRok temu
10:15True Facts: Freaky Nudibranchs
True Facts: Freaky Nudibranchswyświetleń 4,1MRok temu
8:44Human Test Regarding Your Creativity
Human Test Regarding Your Creativitywyświetleń 646KRok temu
4:36True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimp
True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimpwyświetleń 2,1MRok temu
7:08Human Test For People Who Work In An Office
2:27Mating Dance of the Puffin
Mating Dance of the Puffinwyświetleń 1,9MRok temu
5:46True Facts: The Ostrich
True Facts: The Ostrichwyświetleń 2,7MRok temu
2:13True Facts: Mating Dance of the Ostrich
5:24True Facts: Mudskippers
True Facts: Mudskipperswyświetleń 3,7MRok temu
4:13PetsTalk Holidays
PetsTalk Holidayswyświetleń 2MRok temu
3:39True Facts: Stinkhorns
True Facts: Stinkhornswyświetleń 5MRok temu
5:35True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends
True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friendswyświetleń 3,9MRok temu
3:51Dogs In Therapy
Dogs In Therapywyświetleń 915KRok temu
3:44True Facts : The Sand Bubbler Crab
True Facts : The Sand Bubbler Crabwyświetleń 3,1MRok temu
3:24Cats In Therapy
Cats In Therapywyświetleń 2,2MRok temu
6:46True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spider
True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spiderwyświetleń 4MRok temu


  • I love flipping ants

  • Bro with the talk of nimphos and drugs all the time I’d almost think you’re into $uicide boy$ or pouya

  • Antlion: "oh lawd he comin" Ant: "I shall proceed to yeet myself, good day."

  • I remember watching this when i was 7 i thought it was cool enough to show it to my dog 😂

  • And that is how a puffin do

  • Buttsmuggling hand grenades

  • Lord Blackwood agrees with everything this video is about

  • It's too long to be mah cack 😄🤣

  • Oh teddy

  • I do deserve a raise. Who's with me?

  • SPOILER WARNING FOR ATTACK ON TITAN!!!! Wait a minute is that the founding titan centipede from attack on titan manga?!

  • I just love the thought that there's someone who wakes up every morning to go to work and push ants off of small ledges headfirst and watch what happens.

  • This puffin has some stuffing for ur puffin muffin u puffin freak

  • Oppai is a direct translation of breasts into Japanoze, though it is used as slang in the same way teets or bewbs is used in Engrish. The wild ZeFrak knows this, and understands how to reach certain demographics making a thing like backwards hippo very funny. Yes ZeFrank, you are indeed very funny. We may be that demographic. We may Like to watch ZeFrank be funny and hope one day he does a True Facts about ZeFrank that is also very funny.

  • These videos have done more for science in the past 20 years than anything else. I applaud you.

  • We are so fortunate these things are relatively small!

  • Gotta love the bhebe ants..

  • ...i'm out of here

  • For Science 😆 9:20

  • Idgaf how old the video is this channel produces pure art, like a duck do.

  • ...

  • This is interesting...but the stupid comments/"jokes" make it difficult to watch. Grow-up sir. 🙄

  • Imagine how heavy that bear must be

  • Aquí en la escuela

  • Win win HAHAHA

  • That's how a owl who

  • He should do a true facts about the elephant

  • "The three-banded armadi- that's a cat."

  • Dude, your eyes would have scared the shit out of hannibal lecter. You have many facial expressions. Your eyes have one: INTENSE.

  • there are those WHO DO EAT HOT PEPPERS that way

  • Da fuck did I just watch?

  • This creatures remind me of the aliens in MIB. They too like to talk trash to everyone

  • Spiders have layers

  • Nolan Ryan's favorite monkeys. RAGONK!

  • Love your work. Funny AND educational. Ever get asked to narrate somebody's IVF embryo development video? Because my wife and I would love to have you and Jerry document the conception of our bebeh.

  • Kill them in 1 fireball

  • It’s going to be hard to top this video

  • This is haunting. Funny, and amazing, but haunting.

  • Apparently, I am a human who has worked in an office. So many of those "ifs" are spot on.

  • I'm fairly certain that Jerry is just zefrank1's alterego. I love these videos! Thank-you you for entertaining all of us! P.S. Please Thank Jerry too! 😂

  • this is not for kids ;-;

  • Bro I used like this vid..

  • This video, while still amazing after many re-watches ... still holds the record for fecal and/or fungal references.

  • Frog fish are one of my favorite animals. I have no idea why. 😂

  • What is your name

  • These things killed my jade plants faster than the chicxulub meteor hit earth. 😐

  • How did that octopus survive though for real

  • "When humans do it its called an HR violation." Me, with my tongue out, realizing I've been played.

  • How do the plants know what bugs look like

  • Heard full body skid mark and I lost it. Lmao

  • Hahaha

  • Imagine slamming ur wife against the operating table to get the baby out

  • That was just way to weird for us.

  • Nope let's just think coronavirus


  • Bed time story from hell

  • *F#^band no jerry I said F-k*

  • I love this video!

  • That was dope. I miss my teddyruxpin.

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  • Dude. This made me laugh so hard, I could barely breathe.

  • they look like peen

  • Tbh the frog fish Does look like an intermediate evolutionary step between fish and amphibians.

  • I guess I am a floppy popsicle now

  • This channel is gold

  • This so inappropriate for kids dude you are an psycho

  • i only had you recomended last week bless the youtube numbskulls i subscribed an after 9 days of bingeing your videeos i am sad there is alweays a hidden video i have not seen but overjoyed that i find a fresh one blessed is the algorythmn also you are are morgan freemans voice double thank you

  • tell me why this was on PLthrow kids 😭😭

  • That slow motion ant ragdoll is so funny

  • Apparently I came by this late and by accident. If you're still around you are hilarious!

  • i wish I had a fart jet to avoid predators...

  • if you can sell bat poop, why doesn't the bat charity sell the bat poop?

  • My ball sacks are super heroes. Thank you for making my day Ze Frank!

  • Zefrank1, Please make cloaca T-shirt!

  • Man, I love your videos, and I see something interesting in this one, but I gotta say: it's a little f*#d up, you know? Like something a suicidal emo teenager would do.

  • "now teddy is on drugs" mm yes

  • Koalas are dumbass shit-eaters that would rather starve than eat anything other than junk food. Are we sure they aren't American?

  • Ahhhhhh

  • Please please do a true facts about rabbits! You won't regret it..... Well maybe you will!

  • You are such genius!