True Facts: Army Ant Riders

Opublikowany 15 gru 2020
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Philipp Hönle for the phone call and for introducing me
to Eciton army ants and to their wonderful associates. Also
for allowing me the use of fantastic footage.

Daniel Kronauer for the chat and use of the amazing images from his new book! (link above) - the image in the thumbnail is also his!
Dr. Christoph von Beeren for all of the amazing
research on ant mimics, and ant hangers-on. Also
thank you for the use of your images of Nymphister k.
Kaitlin “Ant Girl” Baudier -
For the fantastic footage of the bivouac, the scorpion and the
raid front! So much amazing research and footage.

Matthew Lutz -
For the wonderful footage of bridge building as well as other
beautiful shots of the ants doing their thing!

Ernesto Carman -
For the use of the creepy swarm raid footage!
Primates Peru - Field Projects International

For all of the incredible footage of the ant death spiral! Donate to the Future Black Scientists Fund:

Andrew Core et al. for images from:
A New Threat to Honey Bees,
the Parasitic Phorid Fly Apocephalus borealis

Thank you to all of my Patreon patrons for the
patience, support and feedback

Additional footage used under
license from:
Envato Elements


  • so all it took for you to start making vids again was a simple global meltdown? If only we'd known we'd have made ebola cool sooner :P

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  • I've seen a full length documentary on army ants before, and they are one of my favourite kinds of insects. the whole moving and raiding thing is quite fascinating. One aspect not touched on here is that some species even kill small rodents among other pests, and because of this, the farmers of the areas they live in are quite happy having them around since they do a lot of work keeping their crops safe.

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  • When you lie on the application but still get the job.

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