True Facts: Cats' Killer Senses

Opublikowany 15 cze 2020
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Thank you to Dr. Alexis Noel at for allowing me to show her work. Click on the link to see other remarkable work that Dr. Noel has done! Her work on the cat tongue led to work on a better hairbrush!
Sweet receptors:
Pupil shapes:

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  • Did you know cats are lactose intolerant

  • you know she has a good comeback when somebody says “what’s a matter? cat got your tongue?” ☠️☠️☠️

  • “Et al. who’s like the best scientist” 😂😂😂😂

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  • 6:36 for what does the crocodile use that joystick for?

  • 11:40 i had to replay that one part of the video 10 times

  • kitty washing undercarriage with one leg straight up looks like playing banjo

  • “ it’s like the internet but basically pissing all over it, it’s basically the internet “ ... well if this doesn’t summed up Grinder, nothing will...

  • "Trust me I could find beer in a bucket in the dark." Oh so you're not the only one.


  • You know if zefrank taught all my classes I might have actually learned stuff instead of getting bored and writing mental fanfiction the whole time

  • YES, I do it for Science

  • I like big cats but I can't stand small ones.

  • At first I started skipping the sponsor ad, then I went back to watch it because this is Ze Frank and that shit is going to be hilarious. :-D

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  • Sad to say I found this channel this year 😬 Can’t get better than learning with a good laugh 🤙🏽

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  • Narrator: “ Try it with your roommate in the bath. For science. ” Roommate: “ 😨WTH!!?? 😂😂 too funny

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  • Once, my young-at-the-time stepson pointed out, "Did you ever notice a cat's butt looks like the end of a hotdog?"

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  • Zefrank needs his own tv show on animal planet

  • If schools aren't using this youtube channel for bio class they need to get with the program. I've learned more from these videos than I had in all my highschool education.

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  • Man, this is the best. So well done, script AND HD close up shots.

  • "When cats attack; this shot comes later, when cats attack, their whiskers move forward, ok, so it's a bit of a fart in a hurricane if you're trying to stop a charging giraffe..."

  • Me: *pretends I have a water cup in my room* my roommate's cat: *licklicklicklicklicklick* Me: we're both happy

  • It's so unfair, Despite all the work he does, they never make Et Al first author.

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  • I laughed at the "et al." joke (4:06). Very good, Zefrank!

  • Omg I just love your narration, it is the greatest. This is how it should always be. I hope you never quit making videos. Edit: Also thank you so much for these videos. They really are the best. I lol so much during your videos. This is what we all need. Thank you. Keep up the awesome job.

  • Can you please please please do a video about cows

  • Why did “horny Jabba” stick with me so much??

  • And then you have assholes giving their cats vegan food. Because you know what’s good for the owner is good for the pet

  • you know, i used to be able to watch these with my little bro. so brilliant. imagine what teaching kids to be in awe of nature while learning about new species, could do for the world and our future. everyone’s future. yet suddenly, you seem to be intentionally trying to throw in the sexual jokes. like wayyy more often. it is honestly kind of obnoxious. those jokes are never even that funny. definitely never as funny as your other jokes. such an utter shame.

  • *Gets closer to the mic* “horny jabba”

  • Fun fact about eye rotation. Our eyes do this too. Its just hard to notice because our pupils are round. But if you focus on the pattern of the iris, or a vein on the sclera, and have someone tilt your head, you can see the eye remain at level.

  • must not laugh... must not laugh...lost it at 'Horny Jabba'....

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  • AAAAAAA don't try to pop part of your eye!

  • Bro i actually watched the ad b/c of how you described it lol

  • Super cool love big cats

  • Jokes aside, not only is this hilareous but it also taught me a lot of things I never knew

  • I feel it necessary to report that my cat was indeed licking her butt while I was watching this.

  • Why does this video URL have the phrase "mighty legs" in it? (mytlegs)

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  • Hm, what? I'm sorry. Could you repeat all that? I was looking at pictures of cats.

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  • When cats attack... This shot goes later. When cats attack - genius!

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  • Best commentary ever!!!

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  • Zefrank: Vertical pupils are for predators, and horizontal pupils are for prey. Me, with a vertical astigmatism in my left eye, and a horizontal astigmatism in my right: Guess jury's still out as to which one I am. 🤣

  • so... cats see things like a horse with blinders?

  • FYI, I have written a number of neuroscience papers under the name of "et al." After a while, I was finally named a real author.

  • that ad destroyed my immersion ):

  • One of my cats likes chocolate while the other loves ice cream. Explain that! I even caught one liking my cake mix

  • I like this show but object to the unfavorable ad/content ratio.

  • Correct me if i'm wrong but Cheetah's have the sharpest tongue.

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  • He just, ... gets me. The stupid dad joke. You'd think it would be meow. I paused to laugh. 🤦🥴

  • So glad I've found this channel. Funny and informative.

  • So glad I've found this channel. Funny and informative.

  • 0:25 Not for americans...