True Facts: The Ostrich

Opublikowany 17 sty 2020
Brenda...Where's my egg?
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Footage of the mating ostrich:
Jackson Hart Grady
Erin Armstrong (the pecking the cam footage at the end)
Adam van Casteren
(for the barbule image)
Three Ring Ranch
(for the Ostrich sound)

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  • ah chocobo

  • i don’t think you realize how long it took for me to realize that the egg laying clip was actually a person....,,

  • Nice dark crystal reference

  • when I realize it's you spitting out the egg with feathers glued to your face xD

    • oh, I guess it was jerry. my mistake.

  • don't read comments ......... so many stupid comments, killed the buzz

  • Ostriches are dinosaurs. Fact.

  • Wait, that clip was Jerry? So the clip previously... Guess that is just how Jerry *dooo~*

  • Make one about the casowary! Would be fun

  • I saw this immediately after the ostrich mating dance video, in which the poorly made sock puppet filled with sausage was NOT censored. I was expecting to be double traumatized, I've never been so grateful for a censor in my life.

  • Here in the wild we see the miracle of birth... That visual cracks me up every time 😂😂😂

  • Got as far as the egg laying bit then I cracked up (no pun intended!!) 😂😂😂

  • Side bitch out of your league too ahh. Nice little reference to The Weeknd ZeFrank!

  • Love ostrich! They're cute, but tall. Scary, funny.

  • The ostrich and the secretary have lushes eye lashes

  • Emu. It's not pronounced E-moo. It's pronounced Eem-You.

  • Disappointed you didn’t mention that Ostriches poop fully polished diamonds.

  • It freaks me out that their knees are backwards.

  • Omg I thought that was an ostrich butt.... prbly still smells like one tho.

  • Are peacocks also ostriches? If so do peacocks have d*cks like ostriches?

  • I’m all for harvesting ranch raised ostriches for meat, feathers and leather. They’re nastily mean spirited, dumb, and deliberately enjoy inflicting pain upon others.

  • Ostrich's run more like a clone wars era AT-TE than an AT-ST... F*ck, I am a hyper nerd!

  • Is this the Lemmino narrator??

  • Wait I just realised that was a guys mouth😭😭😭

  • OH MY GOD! Did not realise that wasn't real egg laying footage till the outtakes but!

  • 2:54 that mouth-cloaca killed me...!

  • "Or stick it's thumb in a pumpkin and still tickle a kitten!" JESUS! I'M CRYING!

  • I never wanted to kiss a Ostrich up to now lmao

  • The Egg Birthing was amazing

  • Who does the voice for this?


  • You should do one for humans! 😂

  • Kevin Heart?

  • 3:47, 50€ cuz he accidentally typed € instead of % on 5 in script

  • “Dumb poopy butt bird school”

  • 5:03 i just realized thats his mouth this guy just keeps on giving

  • floor sweepings on a starved chicken. I see it

  • PLthrow censorship: people cant handle seeing animal penises or giving birth/laying eggs. Car crashes where people die A-OK

  • Dinosaurs didn't go extinct. Birds are literal dinosaurs.

  • why the ostriiiiiich

  • :/

  • "You know what you have to do Jerry...." I'm on the floor gasping for breath...

  • who thought the egg-laying scene was real at first lmao

  • “Brenda, where’s my egg?” “I don’t know did you lose it?”

  • You should do a road runner video

  • Nice lips jerry

  • I am a biology nerd, and I love your videos!! You keep me laughing!

  • I realy thught you filmed a Chicken layin egg 😅😅😅

  • I want MOA!!!

  • at-st bird LOL

  • 2:52 why not ostrich egg rather than a chicken egg

  • thank you sooo much. The smile your work provokes forces an irresistible tendency towards happiness.

  • U guyzzzzz are killin' it!

  • The Dark Crystal reference made me laugh

  • Thanks to Kevin Hart's traumatic experience, ostriches are actually capable of achieving a maximum speed of 60 mph.

  • so everyone missed the "stick your thumb in a pumpkin and tickle a kitten" reference...

  • I had an ostrich egg blow up on me.Sounded like a bomb went off.Long story,but I found this egg while we were doing military exercises in Kenya.I kept it in my tool locker on my helicopter and it sat for a couple of months and I made the mistake of shaking it one day and it blew up.Tore my lips up! The shell was as hard as concrete and when it exploded it was like shrapnel being thrown off.Lucky I didn't lose an eye.The worst part was the smell! It took 3 months for the stink to leave my chopper.

  • Hey Zefrank! Please look into making some feature-length stuff! You blend science and comedy on a way I've never heard or seen. Most stuff like that is crap, but as a lifelong fan of animal shows, buddy,YOU HAVE GOT IT!!

  • Downy floppy-floppy feathers.

  • So funny....

  • 2:32 😭

  • Why? Why the ostriiiiitch? That... is the question.

  • The faceplant lok oh my gahd!!! I freaking lost it and couldnt breathe.

  • Can't wait till he gets to the emu and describes how they actually won a war against humans

  • Emmu, reeya, kasuari, kiwi, and an extremely angry ostrich

  • I've eaten ostrich before

  • Stick his thumb in a pumpkin and still tickle a kitten.🤣🤣🤣

  • Lol accurate

  • 00:35 how stoned even is that ostrich?

  • "... like riding a tricycle in the moshpit" is hands down the best analogy I ever hear!!

  • did i hear a starboy reference at 2:31 ?

  • They can't fly but they sure as hell can dance

  • I friggin LOVE your videos! You need a damn slot on cable!

  • Oh, and they have a mean kick.

  • *gluing craft feathers to his face, holding an egg* "It's for science. Don't worry."

  • ZeFrank- Teacher of the year 😆

  • I wonder what kind of solemnity addicts would put a thumb down on these presentations.

  • This is just a giraffe chicken

  • One word, termites

  • 5:26 lol o they don't?

  • 1:37 looks like a live action Fantasia

  • that couch behind them tho- And really, this guy shoud be on TV

  • Apparantly I speak hyper nerd

  • This could be a thing like on tv to get people too help the environment cuz it’s funny

  • I had to watch the "miracle of birth" a few times before my brain understood just what I was looking at. It produced the loudest laugh I've had in 2020. Thanks.

  • 5:35 instead of starting nice and slowly always now it turned the opposite way ahahahaha

  • These videos are best when drunk

  • Chicobo!

  • Can't believe you left out the flighted ratites.

  • That’s his freaking mouth tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • WTF happened to that cassowary...

  • A bad sock puppet out of pork meat. Lmfaorotf🤣🤣🤣

  • Hold me by the beak and you will get more than a floppy popsicle 😂

  • Zefrank: “Here we explore true facts about the ohstrich.” Me: Uh, do you mean true facts about the ostrich?

  • Thinking about flying ostriches is horrifying.

  • I like the dark crystel

  • Damned prudish anti-scientific PLthrow policies, I don't know how it can be offensive, if you look at it from the perspective of being a very normal thing there is nothing inherently offensive about.

  • Everyone likes how he says bebes but I like how he says byirds.

  • it hurts so good.

  • There should be an addendum about the time the Australian Army declared war on ostriches between the world wars... and lost