True Facts: The Bolas Spider

Opublikowany 15 mar 2019
What Nancy does with her butt rope is nobody's business.
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Footage courtesy of:
Nic Badcock
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William G. Eberhard
Laura Hughes
Marshal Hedin
Richard Orr
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Catherine Scott


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  • Bolas can be translated into balls, the two types of balls.

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  • Since everyone is quoting the guy My favorite like was “especially after he talked up a piece of pigeon shit for an hour”

  • This is the true nature documentary, we need jokes and this guy's voice

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  • I'm not sure but I think "Bolas" comes from the argentinian gauchos folklore. Gauchos are basically south american cowboys (even tho that's a bit of an insult to the fiery gaucho) and from what I know they throw "Bolas", i.e. a strong rope tied with metal balls, to catch wild game and immobilize the legs of escaped cattle. Which is, funny enough, either smt they learned from this spider or smt this spider learned from them. Gauchos, however, don't seem to store it in their butts.

  • The narrator is hilarious 😂

  • This gave me some serious "Spiders on drugs" vibs, where you weren't sure if what you were watchin was fake or true xD

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