True Facts: BatFishes

Opublikowany 14 maj 2020
Alex Brett
Alex inspired this episode with his amazing Batfish footage. He just launched his channel in earnest - go and sub!
Barrett Christie
Barrett shared his knowledge with me, and is an expert on fish husbandry. His spawning footage is very rare and shows that batfish spawn in a similar way to some other anglerfish.
Javi has some really amazing videos on his Vimeo account. There is a pretty amazing aquatic collection over on Vimeo!
Ariane Dimitris
It took me a while to track Ariane down but her longnosed Batfish clip in so good!
LiquidGuru is a pro. Just gets such beautiful views into Aquatic life! His juvenile Orbicular Batfish is so well done.
Raymond Powers
Raymond came through with the feeding footage at the last second. It is very rare to see them eat, especially in captivity!
Thanks also to the NOAA, Barry Peters, Nico Michiels,
and Gilles San Martin for the use of their images.
Additional footage under license from Shutterstock.


  • BBC and Planet Earth have nothing on this whack job.. Kinda like David Attenborough does old Monthy Python or Faulty Towers skits, except smarter..

  • "Not on the roof like a duck do..."

  • I just discovered your channel, THANK YOU!

  • "If you're just following someone arounf and eating their crap all day, you need to get out of that. You're better than that." God, someone should have told me that in college. And remind me now.

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  • I feel attacked as a Matthew.

  • My trypophobia 🤮 but this funny af

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  • Loved the footage... The narrator on the other hand was amazing!

  • 3:53 Wow, for once he’s actually not kidding about something that literally sounds like something he’d come up with.


  • wait, didnt all legs evolve from pectoral fins? So batfish is basically transitioning from fins to apendages? Edit: I meant the angler fish batfish

  • Your damn right I'm a rebel.

  • Your narration style brings me much joy, keep it up

  • Nana nana nana nana na---BATFISH!!!

  • Here is another PLthrow creator that I really enjoy watching every time it comes across my feed. Freaking hilarious

  • And that's right, you scientists, quit getting drunk when you're about to name a fish! 🥃🐟 It's 2021 D*** It!

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  • I love these videos on aninalsnI have never heard of before

  • this is so funny and so informative at the same time

  • Mathew!

  • Hey I don't live in the sea!

  • "Like a duck do"

  • everything about this fish is inexplicably unnerving to me

  • Now THIS! Is the style of teaching I would learn so much from. Also your videos are perfect to watch while in a down mood.

  • Mathew the bat fish will strike fear into the heart of any trypophobe!

  • 4:18 jesus, that was disgusting

  • "Even little Wendy's pissed off. She weighed herself on the scale then had a good toilet then weighed herself again. No change. How does that even happen?" 😂

  • Yes, that was awesome!

  • 'That makes me want to vomit and put my finger in it' (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  • Batfish aren't angry, they just don't give a damn. :)

  • 0:39 ngl, i may have pissed myself. but god that inspires horror stories.

  • These guys are cute in an ugly kinda way

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  • Great combo of funny & informative, bravo!

  • same vibe as the species that decided to go onto land

  • I had one of these Batfish in my home aquarium. He was very interesting for a few days he was alive. I think the depth he lived in was much different than a home aquarium.

  • 4:17

  • He totally has trypophobia 😂

  • The batfish skins made me think about holes.....OnO......

  • Ok i love the rant about the different batfishes at the end lol

  • This is the most WTF animal I have ever seen (and I've been around)

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  • I love biology with all my heart. So whenever I watch your videos, it gives me a big smile 😊

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  • why is one of the pictures from NOAA? fish have nothing to do with weather

  • Batfish and searobin coincidence?

  • Tublicurs and buklurs are specialized scales made of Keritan and calcium. (sp)

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  • The existence of the Sea Robins proves that if there is a god he is not benevolent

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  • “Even little Wendy is pissed off.” Damn, even Wendy?

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  • This is a Trypophobia's worst nightmare.

  • “If you’re just following someone around eating their crap all day, you need to get out of that relationship. You’re better than that.”

  • I got really obessed with all of these different species for a moment in my life. I wouldn’t stop talking about them, drawing them, babbling on about how they’re all different and don’t even look like bats, or even really fish. My family got tired of it, my friends too. They told me I was acting obsessive and that it wasn’t healthy. One could say I went... batfish crazy

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