True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior

Opublikowany 14 sie 2020
Not a moth.

Dr. Anusha Shankar ( for her guidance, enthusiasm and research on torpor.

Dr. Margaret Rubega ( and the University of Connecticut
for our conversation and her introductions.

Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara ( and the University of Washington
for the incredible media related to the tongue and all of his guidance.

Dr. Don Powers ( and the Powers Research Lab for their
footage on energy conservation.

Dr. Kristiina Hurme ( for her amazing work on weaponized beaks

Dr. Chris Clark ( and UC Riverside for our conversation and
all of the wonderful footage related to the dives and and displays.

Dr. Gregor Yanega ( for the footage of birds pilfering spider food.

FLIR Thermal Cameras ( for the psychedelic heat mapping footage

RuthLes Productions ( for the wonderful footage of the
hummer in torpor, as well as the lovely phone chat.

Tracy Kerestesh ( for the footage of insect eating.

The Arizona Daily Star ( for letting me use the footage of a hummer collecting
spider webs outside of their window

Tom Grey ( for his very special photo of hummingbirds mating...
which is not easy to capture

Additional footage used under license from:
Envato Elements


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