True Facts: Stinkhorns

Opublikowany 20 lis 2019
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Dr. Kathie T. Hodge - Dr. Hodge was kind enough to spend time with me on the phone walking me through the incredible complexity of these creatures. She also granted me permission to use the Cornell time lapse footage.
Stephen Thornton - - Stephen has captured amazing time lapses of the stinkhorn and it is very worthwhile to go to his channel and see them in their full glory.
@freymanbg - freymanbg - amazing instagram featuring all sort of fungus and mushrooms.
Gio Lopez - - Gio has a channel called Myco Gio on which he goes into lovely detail about mycology. His explanation of the stinkhorn was extremely helpful - as was the amazing footage.
Cathy Whitfield - - Cathy is an amazing photographer and happened to train her eye on a stinkhorn egg!
Rudi Langer - - Also a wonderful collection of colorful photography!
Björn S... - - a wonderful collection of microscopy and wildlife!
@mugrooms - mugrooms - Pictures of mushrooms and other fungi, as well as the occasional slime mold.
Kent Loeffler - Kent was the original photographer for the Cornell timelapse!
Jason Hollinger - - Incredible images of Lichen and other wonders.
Arne Christensen - - wonderful collection of biology time-lapse and human anatomy.
David Noble - - a traveler and wonderful videographer
Bernard Spragg - - incredible photos, some of which Bernard has offered into the public domain
Peter Kuttner - - channel featuring all sorts of biodiversity!
@bealeiderman - bealeiderman - a collection of images that show the magic in your backyard!
@myceliummagic - myceliummagic - adventures in the Australian rainforests!
@mushrooms_inigo - mushrooms_inigo - featuring the mushrooms of Spain!
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  • 2:09 every man felt that

  • THE AHHHH AT THE END, we’ve all been there

  • I’m just glad ironmouse didn’t see this 🤣

  • If they showed this guy’s PLthrow videos in school, I would have payed more attention

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  • Looks like the mushroom that makes people constantly orgasm every time they smell it or something

  • These puns were craaazy lol you can’t watch without chuckling idk how old you are

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  • Anybody ever seen a stink horn mushroom?

  • Anyone with trypophobia just died

  • A PEN IS.... useful to have by your bedside.... to write it down...

  • a PEN IS useful.

  • This episode is rated R for rambunctious

  • My tripophobia is killing me rn

  • May I request more fungus related videos? Fungi are basically like plants, but way more fascinating, like how worms and mollusks are more interesting than insects in most cases. In my humble opinion anyway.

  • Thanks for the kitten and puppy clip...

  • Best mushroom video ever.

  • this man is genuinely making biology looks like a fun thing to learn... And I... am totally into it now

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  • that is so freaking disgusting these mushrooms should be burned

  • Can you eat these mushrooms?

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  • That pic of a cat and dog really helped

  • 1:20 Me:get me that mushroom Server: BUT SIR!?!?

  • It’s interesting and that’s why I clicked the video but I legitimately fell asleep listening to this. Ik it’s only three and a half minutes but I fell asleep and woke up bc of a horrid picture in my head. Maybe I’m just tired...

  • damn really had to use my name for *this* one

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  • Gastric fungi sounds like an illness.

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  • 日本語を名前は「キノコ」ですよね。 In japanese mushrooms are called "Kinoko".



  • So they aren’t edible, NOT SUPER MARIO TIME.

  • well the "fruits" are basically sexual organs anyway so you're not that far off LOL

  • "A pen is useful to have by your bedside."

  • How about the fungus erecting through the throat in that X-Files episode? 🤔

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  • I finished a whole bowl of chili watching this video and I didn't even hesitate for a single bite out of sheer willpower. I just want you to know I'm really proud of myself for succeeding at that.

  • Now why the fuck did PLthrow decide to show me this while eating? And why did I watch? What a waste of food...

  • "If it comes to you first just spit it out." Im just going to pretend i didn't hear that

  • That mushroom were he grow and spit slime remind me of something

  • I had a stinkhorn in my backyard once. Weirdest thing I've ever seen

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  • Stinkhorns here are far more phallic.

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  • My school's field would have these puffball mushrooms that eject 'smoke' when squished. Strangely they were not connected to a stem or anything, they were just balls chilling out in the field

  • 2:00-2:18 lmfao, thanks for the video, dude.

  • 2:08 It looks as though the other Stinkhorn comes out like "Oh my gosh, dude! Are you ok?!" 🤣

  • This is straight out of 'Rick & Morty'.

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  • Gleeba? Emma's gonna be a scientist!!

  • What is the logic behind kitten and dog??? 😳

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  • How much better would Discovery channel be if all narration was done in this manner? Nice.

  • "a PEN IS useful..."? Ha ha! I don't wanna be around when you start writing with that.

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