True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spider

Opublikowany 26 wrz 2019
Deinopis is a throw back to an older, cooler kind of cribellate spider. Lots of spigots...LOTS. OF. SPIGOTS.
I forgot to add one very important credit for the wonderful egg sac weaving footage:
Peter Clausen @bugsincyberspace
Dr. Jonathan Coddington
Adam Connolly:
Getty Images
Gianfranco Gomez and Tracie Stice :
Young Hg @yongi_ng82
Geoff Hyde @spinifex222
Dr. Anna-Christin Joel
Jeremy Jones @jeremycology
Olman Alvarado Rodríguez
Håkan Söderholm
Dr. Jay Stafstrom
Dr. Fritz Vollrath
Paul Whittington
Robert Whyte :
to contact me regarding footage i could use or interesting leads on biology topics:


  • Trying not to piss myself watching this Because im terrified of spiders

  • "She gave him the name: Fuckstick Bastard Fuckwad." I like Margaret.

  • Haha, your great! Do the hummingbird hawk moth!

  • Shameless wonder

  • Glerrrww

  • Am I the only one who thought between 4:23 and 4:27 that formation looked like some AOT crystalizing shit?

  • Can you do the biggest spider

  • We know David. Always have. How fortunate!

  • To a Deinopis, human gloves are overcomplicated condoms

  • I'd like there to be just a compilation of Jerry and David's from all of these true facts video's.

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  • its look like a obunga

  • Looks like it`s wearin` shades

  • Fun fact: When you find coins in your room it’s your your lil friendly spiders paying their rent so don’t sweep them out


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  • I read that as orgy faced

  • I think it’s a really interesting way to wrap your pray. 😆 remember there’s different versions of Spider-Man so ogre Spider-Man is kinda gross


  • David is such a clam🤦‍♂️

  • This my first time coming across True Facts on PLthrow. The guy is f***ing hilarious while teaching something new and interesting about creatures which share our planet.

  • Ahh Millennials. Facts hahaha

  • "Is that David? I told you not to use him in this shot, Hes an idiot" lol I fucking died

  • Hehe

  • 'Spigot' sounds like an antiquated slur for some reason

  • Watch this ...then forget your intentional CONDITIONING since Kindergarten for a moment, and then ask this spider the result of meticulous,ingenious,task oriented DESIGN or a mere chance, blind purposeless,unconscious, tool-less EVOLUTION. If you decide for the latter go look in the morror to see a blind senseless alley shunted pig-headed evolved asshole.

  • "Gliou"

  • Fun fact: Photons are totally threoretical.

  • “Don’t shake hands with Spider-man, don’t know...”

  • Don’t shit where you eat unless what you eat likes shit. I’m subscribing purely for that, thank you

  • It'zzzzzz Beeeeebie Time! Lol!

  • All-n-all, that's how the Ogre Faced Spider Do.

  • Spiders are fucking terrifying. They're just like perfectly evolved little alien super killing machines. Thank god we're not below them on the food chain

    • The Spider literally used her web like a fishing net and grabbed that bug so fast. Imagine if they were the size of elephants.

  • they look so comically angry all the time, omg i love them-

  • 4:39

  • Oghur Fase Pedissire

  • I could listen to Ze saying "gleuooh" all day every day..

  • most high school kids would get a good laugh while learning some very interesting facts.

  • Who else is hoping this doesn't live in your country?

  • Enough with them lame ass jokes

  • As opposed to “False Facts”? Facts are true by definition.

  • It sound really bad but I kinda wanna poke their eyes with a needle

  • I can't be the only one who has to hit "Pause" every now and then, after something particularly hilarious, because I can't hear the next few sentences over my own laughter? Surely?

  • These should be required viewing in HS biology classes.

  • Im so happy i now know what morgan Freeman sounds like after meth

  • Just realizing I've seen those egg sacs plenty of times in my woods and am fascinated and disturbed all at once

  • I just love the way he says “dew” 😂

  • Looked up a video about this spider cuz I was curious and am not disappointed by your content. Thanks.


  • maaan, fuck spiders.

  • 3:03

  • 3:24 At least this one ain’t a karen

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  • I didn't need to know this information but thanks to the almighty youtube algorithm, I do now

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  • pelican spider... that is all.

  • When David Attenborough retires I nominate zefrank1

  • I bet she has a Scottish accent.

  • You Sir are the answer to my unhappier frame of mind. When feeling down just watch a Ze Frank Video. Smiles ensue.

  • As opposed to fake facts ... like liberals

  • 2:13 man I think Margaret got PMS

  • Am I the only one that thought they edited sunglasses on in the thumbnail??

  • I like the fact that only smart ppl can laugh genuinely at this

  • Rage chewing lol.

  • Thank you so much for hitting the deep belly laughs hidden in my soul in such trying times!

  • Oh my!

  • Thats a mean looking spider

  • You make me laugh and learn!! Glad I've subscribed NOW I'm going to be a GENIUS 🥳


  • Spider : Looked into my eyes Me :it looks like the eyes they used on puss in boots on the movie Sherk I'm laughing so much my mom asked what I was watching

  • 2:29 like a ffhuh

  • 0:49 *oof*

  • Millenials 🤣

  • I'm not scared of spiders, but those fu**ing eyes make me watch this minimized.

  • no one: zefrank : gLeuwwww

  • for some reason *Ogre Faced* reminds of this spider:

  • "These eyes...long to hold you....hold you again. The hurtin's on me"

  • 1:33 That shot looks like the POV of John Hurt's character in Alien at the exact moment he thought "Oops, I fucked up"

  • ngl I thought the thumbnail was a spider wearing sunglasses

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  • Spider nitting

  • You sir are added to my list of 'People who I would absolutely LOVE to have coffee with 😊' A most distinguished list it is. Quite ELETE I assure you.

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  • This is the funniest stuff that you can't tell people in mixed company. Just tell them to go watch ZEFRANK1. They'll be glad they did. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .or not.

  • I love how he names all the animals he commentates on.

  • all that spider ass in one video, makes me feel like I'm watching the Kardashians

  • Don't sh!+ where you sleep unless what you eat, eats shit. 🤣

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  • There is a Dicksfield rd where I live. I couldn’t believe it,


  • "is that Dave i told you hes a fu**ing idiot"

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