True Facts: Mudskippers

Opublikowany 16 gru 2019
Mudskippers gets what they gets and don't throws the fits.
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Credits and Links Below:
Thank you to all of these researchers and enthusiasts that gave permission for me to share their work with you!
Prof. Dr. U. Kutschera
Sandy Kawano*, Ph.D
and Richard Blob @ Clemson U
also with Benjamin McInroe @ Clemson U
* special big thanks to Dr. Kawano for being generous with her time and knowledge!
Dr. S. Tonia Hsieh
Zenzo Tazawa -
Dr. Krijn Michel
Dr. Atsushi Ishimatsu
There is also a wonderful resource on Mudskippers at
run by Gianluca Polgar, who was kind enough to point out two mistakes i made in this video:
- At min 1.43-1.49: that is a blenny of the genus Andamia, not a mudskipper.
- Not all mudskippers have fused pelvic fins that are used as suckers
Aside from calling a dolphin a fish - which i actually find kind of funny in context :)
Additional Footage from:


  • Da-doing-doink.

  • Do doink doinkk

  • Einstein: Everyone is born a genius, but if you judge a fish by how well it climbs a tree it will live its whole life thinking it’s stupid. Lenard: hold my mud

  • HAHAHAHA😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 If my Biology class lectures had been this funny I would have Aced 10/10 it😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. Sadly, our Professor delivery was drier than than Freaking DEATH VALLEY, Sahara, Yellow and all the world deserts combined.....,

  • The way he says feeisshh

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  • this is so fascinating what how does this animal make ANY evolutionary sense ???

  • 1:26 no... But I will ask him to move my couch

  • They look like sea dogs but like an insect

  • < 3

  • 1:08 "That's a dead fish..." A porpoise actually by the looks of it, but yeah, still not crawling

  • Aaaaah Oooaaah Aaaah ooaaah.

  • *M O I S T*

  • I love mudskippers, I keep Indian mudskippers as pets n they’re so much fun to watch

  • Those are called dapa in our region here in the Philippines

  • They look like a frog equivalent of a seal

  • Floatie floatie killed me my grave will say died of a zefrank 1 vid teh mudskipper video teh clip of floatie floatie

  • Pogger fish: 4:20

  • A fish out of water are as good as dead Amphibious fish: am i a joke to you?

  • 1:09 aw that's a porpoise :

  • 1:46 this had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • 0:49

  • Mmm... Moist.

  • 4:25

  • ... making you laugh till you poo; that's how the Zefrank1 do.

  • Oh god his wording of human toungs

  • Mudkipzers

  • I love these

  • bruh I wish this guy is my teacher. I could stay awake XD

  • “Its like he’s smoking a little cigar! ‘Yah see?’” Not sure how others felt but that got me to laugh

  • Did you know goldfish are supposed to live about 10 to 15 years and the oldest goldfish was 43?

  • Imagine what you could do with sticky nipples

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Morgan freeman: gravity can be a BITCH

  • Looks like a tadpole that didn't want to grow up into a frog

  • Nobody: Zefrank: *STICKY TITTIES*

  • Nobody: Mudskippers: \ (Ö) /

  • Its odd that we have this small member inside our mouths solely to help with feeding.

  • 2:07 These creatures seem easy to track.

  • Also known as the "loser line"

  • Lenard Skipper, like Lynrd Skynyrd?

  • I was showing my dad this video cuz I wanted him to know what mudskippers are when I didn’t know about ur content yet and when this showed up 1:05 I was OH SHIT and went like o errr ummm and exited the video those are times when I fear to be disowned

  • mudkip

  • So this is water the first fish out of water looked like for millions of years...fascinating

  • I couldn’t stop laughing at 4:18. These videos are so funny

  • That was actually kinda inspirational. I'd buy a cheesy calendar with those quotes

  • Mudskipper just doesn't give a crap

  • Gravity act like b*tch 😂

  • 1:09 That's not a fish. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's clearly some sort of cetacean. IE, a mammal.

  • *Kiss sound: "Ohhhh"

  • I just love this 0:47 lol i love how he said gravity can be a bit of a bitch

  • Currently in the process of falling asleep. Heard the word "babies" now i proceed too comment.

  • 1:36 Just noticed he said mud-ification instead of modification, bruh

  • It's looks like half fish and half frog and also it's jumping trait looks like a frog 🐸

  • crawled onto shore "footage" 😮😮 dirty Jerry

  • Lmfao ahh uhh ahh uhhh mwaaa oooh omg facts tho amazing video bro

  • Such ugly heads those that has big heads . I wonder why Scientist's never do scientist's in Labs play with their DNA Jeans in the blood of theirs & with the Jean's of Snakeheads , so African giant Mud Skipper's will have more color varieties being like of the Snake Head ( They look like Eel's but with long & tall fin's & can walk on dry land ) .

  • We gonna ignore the porn star in the mind of the video

  • That was so wholesome

  • 0:17

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  • Fun fact, The mudskipper is an Amphibious fiSHHHHH. There are over 100 species of amphibious fiSHHHHH.

  • 5:00

  • If I toss this thing into the ocean will it swim-

  • We have an amazing creator. 🙏

  • Does anyone else become a downer after getting out of the water?

  • "Imagine what you could climb if you had sticky nipples"

  • BTW, ,the dead "fish" shown at 1:09 might actually be a porpoise or dolphin.

  • sticky nipples

  • Just found this channel and holy shit..AMAZING. reminds me of the movie strange wilderness

  • I just think it's funny how these things are real only time I think I had seen any example of one of these was in a cartoon called larvae they did the AAAAHHHH joke as well XD

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  • Ungly, weird, somewhat underequipped, but AMAZING

  • Whenever that one person you do like walks up to you, use the mudskipper tactic.

  • *MWWWAHHH* *Ooooohhh?* 😏



  • You need to do a video for every animal ever. All 500,000,000 species.

  • “mouth parts...” 👁 👄 👁

  • "fee-ish"

  • Hilarious 😂

  • It's amazing the word MOIST isn't outlaw as yet 😂😂😂. Say it with me ladies: MOIST 😁

  • Tempakul in indo

  • 0:18

  • Literally watching a fish become a toad.

  • 4:21 OK I peed a little.....

  • Uhm, that "fish" at1:09, looks to have flukes... A baby cetacean? JERRY!

  • Thanks so very much this is very informative I love it God bless

  • "good ups" hahaahahah!!

  • I'm so glad something replaced the giant hole in my heart that was the discovery channel.

  • Sounds like a positive hashtag on Karen ;-)

  • Oh look, the mudskipper twerked..

  • This is funny but educational I wish school whas like this

  • I love your videos so much! I wish there were PG versions so I could show my students.

  • Da-Doing Doink.

  • do one on the "Cymothoa exigua, or the tongue-eating louse, is a parasitic isopod of the family Cymothoidae."

  • ZFrank1 I am always making videos of my squirrels in my yard. Please do one of them! There great! My mom and I watch animal planet on mute and talk 4 them 😆 🤣 but were not at all as awesome as you! Thanks for teaching me awesome weird things!! Its great convo starters especially since I'm a real weirdo in that department too🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • "Don't concentrate on the big fleshy slug like thing filling up your mouth" This is immature of me to say, but imagine this without context.

  • That Karen joke was hilarious but a bit uncalled for

  • "Imagine what you could climb if you had sticky nipples" Never thought I would hear someone say sticky nipples😂🤣