True Facts: The Wacky Giraffe

Opublikowany 31 mar 2020
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camel = giraffe (oops)
David Flores captured the pump action of the giraffe drinking:
Dr. William Perez shared the figure from his research paper on the structure of the giraffe mouth.
I thank Magda Ehlers and all of the other people that make their videos freely available to use on Pexels and other sites.


  • Giraffes were created when Chuck Norris uppercut a camel. The neck? Used to be the hump.

  • 😂🤣 Because we have to “follow the Science!” Snort

  • I believe him

  • yeah I get it

  • Could you do true facts about the ox pecker?

  • 6:15 h

  • "Dental Pad"...."Lisa needs braces!"..."Denta-

  • 2:03 the top of the camel's mouth part. Whoops. Now I'm waiting for a camel story, Jerry!! 😁🐪🐫🦙

  • These videos have become a crucial part of my routine. Sometimes, it's for the tasty morsels of information, but often it's to make me laugh when reality is a bit too much. Thank you.

  • didnt expect that ending hahahaha good stuff!

  • 09:15 ... "DUH"

  • got weird at the end lmao

  • Another fact The nerve that controls the giraffes tongue , a distance of around 20 cm, due to strange evolutionary circumstances actually wraps around the aorta, the big artery that caries blood out of the heart, and back up covering a distance of around 4 metres

  • I spotted your rogue camel, Zefrank. Don’t you go trying to get a dromedary past me in a giraffe video.

  • Why are animals smaller and bigger than us always faster? Well I guess we dont get the physically capabilities of the animals and the body functions but got the mind instead, so it's fine then

  • On top of the camels mouth? You mean giraffe

  • The commentary is hilarious!

  • OMG, the tallest giraffe is taller then any other giraffe

  • Read a book titled, "Giraffes? Giraffes!" The bit about the lions really reminds me of that book.

  • Ole Billy Ball Sackchin, I ain't seen that guy in a long time!🤣

  • "that's right, horses are flipping you off" do you know what donkeys or zebras are?


  • On the top of the “camels” mouth? 2:04 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude you’re a riot! Not sure if it’s a giraffe or camel now, AND you spoke so much about their “toes” too soooooooooooo BADAMPAM!

  • I've never laugh at animal documentary before..

  • My sides hurt from laughing so hard

  • Camels mouth.

  • Ever had a giraffe eat off your hand? Busch Gardens in Florida (I think, somewhere in FL with giraffes anyway) used to let you and just... That tongue is weird when it searches your hand for more pellets or whatever it was 😆

  • I really want to meet this billy ballsackface

  • “Even though it looks like a horse that’s been vacuumed, it’s not a horse” this guy lmao

  • I was expecting/hoping for the presentation to show a giraffe behbeh birth... considering it's done with the mother standing up; the behbeh just plummets to the dirt below...

  • I love this channel! I'm learning ang laughing at the same time! 😄

  • They forgot to mention that giraffes have multiple assholes.

  • So now I have this mental image of a horse running on 4 middle fingers

  • 5:17 that is like a scene you might find on the PeopleOfWalmart website.

  • 9:30 *did I just get harassed*

  • Giraffes are heartless creatures

  • What’s with camel like animals eating things with spikes?

  • that last part was the flat earth of zoology

  • am i the only one that likes the way he says "bebes"

  • 4:59 nightmare fuel

  • Great video loveybug xoxoxo

  • I couldn't watch it initially because... 'blubbery' 🤣🤣🤣 Too funny!

  • Byerds

  • I live these videos so much

  • Why is no one talking about the giraffe erection at 7:36? Also everyone is sleeping on the fact that the lion picture at 9:32 is the page 6 referenced earlier in the video.

  • “Yes that’s right. I’m saying the dog is to the duck as the duck is to the giraffe.”

  • This guy makes me laugh like hell every time 🤣

  • This is even funnier after working around giraffes at the zoo for a couple months. Btw you can definitely see when food goes back up to re-chew. Kinda fascinating. And gross.

  • 4:46 I wish I didn’t see that picture

  • "Meet Blubberry. Oops sorry, that should be "Blueberry"!". Why does this not have more views!??!

  • That ending was disturbing. I can't belive I didn't realize that the first few times I watched this video. Or maybe I blocked it out. Either way👍🏿😂

  • You know, I'm kinda disappointed that he mentioned nothing about the giraffes penis. I'm so used to him making penis jokes.

  • 9:00 lol lmao oh my god

  • 6:15 I didn't see them

  • "ohh,this relationship just got interesting

  • "The tallest giraffe is taller than any other giraffe.."

  • "Let me get this straight: you want zebra camouflage on your ass and your legs and a little on your head and that's it?" Yup. "You realize, in a pack of zebras, you will appear as a floating steak?" Yup.

  • I guess Giraffes are Kosher

  • I wish I could like each video a hundred times

  • i always love how this guy says baby. salute to you sir.

  • 2: 02 "On top of the camel's mouth..."

  • You be good if you did less jokes that don't even make sense or just not even funny compared to your smart knowledge. you do know. You very intelligent you just leave the jokes alone unless cursing

  • Was this guy inspired by Strange Wilderness?

  • Right amount of time. Right amount of information. Right amount of matches innuendo. 👌

  • My 8yr old daughter just learned that a Giraffes tongue is purple to protect it from the sun... Quality edutainment ❤️🇬🇧

  • 7:35 dīčke

  • they just lost to evolution. feels bad man.

  • So in short Giraffes are masochists who like getting stabbed by those fricking spines and enjoy sore throat

  • He is off the wall, but that is okay. I fell off a long time ago.

  • 😂🤣💯👍👏

  • 4:50 that is what nightmares are made of

  • "Humping!" ⁽ᵏᶦˡˡ ᵐᵉ⁾

  • Hey loveybug great video... Love ya kitty aka Jen fells

  • you deserve the sud

  • top of the camels mouth

  • HEY! You watch who yer callin’ ‘wacky’, bud! There’s a reason we look down our noses at you. Sheesh.

  • 6:20 can't fool me with that minecraft superflat world

  • A good way to help animals (and this includes wildlife), and help prevent diseases from emerging is by going vegan and not supporting animal agriculture.

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  • "Mouth barf" ... I'm dead! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I laugh my ass off every time he says "byurds"

  • I always thought Giraffes were animals! Little did i know they are actually a part of an underground lions association on a mission by Kermit to uncover the hidden gold that was stolen by the Acorn worm in places we dont want to think about! All this happened in a narration far, far away.

  • Ok Zefrank. You’re up there with Sir David Attenborough on the Entertainment scale. Seriously funny man


  • i think you have anatidaephobia

  • Cool video

  • The baby is so cursed 4:50

  • Pass the floating rib eye please.

  • Giraffes are indeed beautiful when running at a full gallop. Very graceful!

  • @5:40 "The giraffe go ahead and switch the style up" I see what you did there zefrank ;) #GoodLife

  • Trail mix with wood screws. I love this channel never change

  • I think the giraffe you called a perv heard you! He looked straight the camera after you said it!

  • Sifl and Olly!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:34 who hurt you

  • I love your videos.

  • 2:29 GIRAFFE POG

  • That thumbnail is the GG. Gangsta Giraffe.

  • We need this guy to do textbooks for high school. We see hs grades go up %25.