True Facts: Killer Surfing Snails

Opublikowany 1 maj 2020
Not. The. Pouch.
Koala T-shirts:
I completely messed up and missed this credit:
Vinthi Neufeld PHOTOGRAPHY
Vinthi supplied the amazing Bullia videos with the BlueBottle which is incorrectly attributed
Dr. Winfried Peters:
Dr. Peters spent hours sorting through his research and sending me notes and files. His research is what got me excited about O.semistriatta and I can't be more grateful to have had his help. I have listed a number of his papers further below, and I have made a donation to in his name.
Nathan Robinson:
Nathan was extremely helpful and generous with his time and footage and gave my early script a once over. His research is pretty amazing - on turtles and the giant squid. His hermit crab video is so great in its entirety. Sub to his channels!
Dr.Jon-Paul Bingham
One of cone snail feeding videos came from this lab and it was such an excellent example of the behavior! Thank you so much!
Dr. Mande Holford
Dr. Holford does amazing research on the toxicology of Conus and shared two amazing clips.
Alysia Daines
Alysia helped me identify the O.Semistriatta in the first place and led me to Dr. Peters. Thank you!!


  • "She travels by foot. *Chuckles* Sorry, dad joke." C'mon, *We all know what that means.*

  • The narrator is so flipping hilarious!

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  • Mom: What are you doing up this late? Me: Well, you see, there's this snail-

  • Wow, thats a nice way to teach us about snails. Nice humor. 🖖

  • Yknow, for snails mr.aggro is very fast

  • Aggaronia doesnt give a crap

  • Go Abi go! 😂

  • “On this bitch, BEACH”

  • Zefrank: "There's something very ironic about dying in a ballsack" The vore community: "There's something very erotic about dying in a ballsack"

  • 3:08 “However Abigail is not the only surfer in this bi- beach though...” Ummmm lolz the slip ups are funny

  • The cone snail terrifies me. It's venom is more than powerful enough to kill a human nearly as fast.

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  • “ Abby ain’t the only surfer on this bitch .. beach though” 😂😂😂😂

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  • "There's a lot of typewriters, and there's a lot of monkeys, and they're all drawing dicks in the sand" Not the proverb we need, but the one we deserve

  • Imagine being bitten by this thing. I have shills thinking about it. I hate crawlers. Snakes, slugs, snails, I hate them all

  • The speaker of this video just keeps me laughing with his humor and way of speech. 😂😂😂

  • I literally jumped when he ‘chomped”!

  • 9:23 XD hahahaha that ones slurpy XD

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  • Did any of you guys find this strangely terrifying? I feel like my genuine interest slowly turn into a phobia

  • Me: can never find a good starting line Zefrank: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • No idea surfing snails existed super cool

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  • The last ones swallow their prey made me think of cell from dbz when he absorbed the androids

  • What I learned from this 10 minute video is that Agaronian has a vore fetish and if you finished watching the entire video you probably have a vore fetish too

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