True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimp

Opublikowany 8 lut 2020
They look like little peoples.
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Daniel Knop
EunJai Im

Steven Winkworth

Eco-Divers Manado and Lembeh,
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  • I love all the names he gives them.

  • I love how you don't bang on about subscribing and ringing the bell. Ze Frank gots no time foh dat. If people want cominfotainment, they know what to do.. So I personally just did. I just wanted to add. You can not steal my customised descriptive word combining Comedic, Informative, and entertainment. No. Wait. Ze Frank can say wha he wants on his channel, and his subscribers are happy to assist. [Over exaggerated Thumb up, 1mm away from screen.. Oh shoot, too close, I punched the screen. But it did not break. BONUS]

  • My favorite. I don't know why.... I know these shrimps. I have met them. Well done!!

  • "Courtship begins by males beating the living crap out of each other" the wonders of life.

  • "Mating begins by males beating the crap out of each other" Ahh, the majesty of nature 🤣

  • These are those cigarette smoking long torso aliens from Men in Black.

  • This guy is trying too hard to fire too many bad jokes... slow it down man. It could be funny.

  • Even down to these tiny ass shrimp, the males still behave like this. Fighting each other to the death to win the female.

  • Did you tell him it's your body and you don't want to be peeded on?

  • I just like how angry they look

  • They look like the Tallest from Invader Zim

  • damn this really 11 months ago

  • Spicy worm

  • Hey baby, why don't you take that exoskeleton off?

  • Cute!

  • They look like those goofy aliens from men in black.

  • Never get enough of you saying bey beys 😆

  • All these years and they talk? Did not know ,thanks for the information .

  • Seen millions of these, never knew what they were.

  • U r cussers

  • This 99.5% like to dislike percentage is well deserved.

  • 0:17

  • I don't think I ever saw this before. Wonderful surprise just before going to bed. Also: skeleton shrimp look like high budget science fiction movie monsters. Utterly unearthly.

  • Holy crap these look amazing. How have I never heard or seen one before. I want an army of them

  • Facts are facts because they are true

  • this channel makes me love animal 😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • you know, they say things

  • They look like a Praying Mantis! 🤔. Who named them Skeleton Shrimp?

  • Peter also looks like those aliens from Men In Black

  • This is the soft core version - what caprellid do I have to su...oops that is not how the Kevin do 🤣

  • This might be my favorite PLthrow channel.

  • People can name three kinds of shark and believe they know a lot about nature... Show them this. There are so many unknown incredible animals.

  • would've been better without the "they say really mean things" bit over and over.

  • Looks like da decepticon

  • They say things.

  • Chicken 🦶🏼 grip.

  • The Inch Worm of the Sea.

  • 7 out of 10 US deaths are claimed to be COVIDIOT disease because of the fraudulently used PCR test. Welcome to the Great Reset 2020.

  • reminds me of a face hugger somehow lol

  • 😂

  • Is this what was on the floor in Ursula's lair?

  • Commenting for the algorithm.

  • Zefrank1 taught me that skeleton shrimps are very rude and mean creatures. I learn so much

  • They look like the makeshift bionicle monsters i made

  • Please feature the Portuguese Man o'War

  • My new pickup line: "Question... are you about to moult?"

  • This looks like the large skinny guy that cant play anything because hes to skinny and long.

  • CHEEEEzus H. Crust... it's 4:37 a-FREAKIN'-m...& I canNOT stop watching these videos. They are hilarious, as well as informative, & hilarious. & funny. GAAAAAaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!😫 RIB CRAAAAAAAAAMPS!!!!! Can I get a lil' help here??? Somebody...PLEEEAAAaase... take this phone awaaaaay!!!! 😱😖😫😩😵😦😯😮😲 HEY, not THAT far away... Aw...dang.😟

  • "They say things..."

  • Reminiscent of aliens in Men in Black

  • I love actually learning from these videos along with laughing lol

  • The bewildered consonant certainly promise because forest erroneously suggest outside a jagged dream. nasty, hysterical clam

  • sea mantis

  • This is some of the next dimensional shit I’ve ever seen im dead there’s sophisticated they owne the ocean

  • This guy sounds like he’s just doing video narration trying to sound like Morgan freeman lol

  • It looks like the worms in Men In Black.

  • The thumbnail kinda looks like a dragon

  • Great example of what's out in the universe!

  • I'm a king prawn, okay?

  • 1:12 Splinters... and feelings. (ಥ﹏ಥ) (⋟﹏⋞)

  • 3:24 LOL

  • "I don't know go with it" 🤣 FTW

  • So after mating the females harden up and become frigid. Now I know what kind of species my wife actually is.

  • Just like a man you tryna take ur clothes off and they poking you.

  • This video is just an excuse for zefrank to insult wildlife

  • They honestly look like aliens that tried to colonize earth and this is the result

  • Little dick shrimp, so rude.

  • Love the commentary!!! Has to be the funniest narrator ever

  • omg i love discovering animals i had never seen before!

  • How long do they live

  • You can't freaking tell me aliens aren't real. This is the proof...

  • They are the most amazing creatures I have ever seen🥰 I could watch them all day. Fascinating!! Love your narrating always☮️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • 3:33 "unus"? as in the annus?

  • My tallest from invader zim.

  • I don’t know just go with it is my work mantra.. you want to hear specific insults.. take calls at my job.. especially when I reach out to a manager.. I don’t know just go with it..

  • Being much Less alive -zefrank Best word he says on this fact 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • You are honestly a master of Metaphor. Your humor, has helped me when I needed it most. Thank you for sharing your genius.

  • God’s Creation 😇

  • I caught a stump in the bay on vacation covered with BRAUTIFUL whip gorgonians. I reeled it up to unhook it and throw it back and noticed it was covered with strange parasites. In retrospect I think they were these. This was in Florida. Their real douchemuffins to gorgonians. They say things. Like "Hey you whispy haired basterd, you look like Steve Buschemi spit up a fut ball."

  • Inside joke to all zefrank fans...question, are you about to molt?

  • Hey, how about True Facts: the Shoebill or True Facts: the Cassowary?

  • "If you are a scientist, pet owner, biology weirdo..." This biology major feels personally attacked. 😅

  • More like Sea Praying Mantis

  • He should do a nature documentary on tiktokers and just roast the crap out of them

  • Yknow... they say things...

  • One time when I was out at T Street waiting for a wave, I decided to put a patch of seaweed on my head and this seaweed was covered in these thing. I didn’t know until I took it off and found these things all over me. I started freaking out because I didn’t know what they were and they looked like they can burrow into you skin.

  • Do true facts about the sea monkeys

  • *they say things....*

  • You know... they SAY things 😂

  • Your one of the best nature narrators ever!

  • This is the same person who made Teddy has an operation

  • New best pick-up line ever: "Are you about to molt?" It offers so much subtle horror beyond your standard joke lines.

  • They are preying mantis underwater

  • They say things

  • Lmao! This guy needs to do documentaries!

  • I watch playlists of biology documentaries while really high, this was a warm welcome in the middle of arthropod mating cycles

  • Weren't these guys in Men In Black?

  • Love the video. Found the commentary to be as interesting as an recording of an elephant herd farting on the Serengeti

  • I’m going through your whole playlist now, been watching for awhile keep GOING BRO!