True Facts: The Lemur

Opublikowany 20 lut 2019
So cute it makes you want to barf.
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  • 04:29 Omg! 😱😍 (grabby hands) I waaant onnnne! 🥰

  • Sefaka don’t give a s.. Bamboo a panda Sefaka. Oh my f..king god

  • King Julian.why why god why

  • I like to move it move it

  • Zefrank, do they like to move it move it..?

  • "I like to move it move it"

  • Friggin Zoboomafoo

  • I want you all to realize that the CNN host, Don Lemon, actually jammed his hands down his pants to get some smells, as described in this video, and then put his hand in another man's face while calling him gay. At a bar. A few years ago. The man sued Don Lemon over it. True facts.

  • "Told'g you"

  • Nature documentaries with giggling about penises, vaginas, poop and fart.

  • I came because of king Julian

  • "We might be endangered some day" He told the future

  • Moris

  • “Like Byerds” 😂

  • 3:40 oh that got dark😂

  • "...The octopus tree. A tree covered in spiky thrones. Which is evolution's way of saying, 'Don't fucking climb on me!'" XD Got me so good!

  • Fun Fact: "Blowing smoke up my ass" is actually referring to a real thing, where in the 1800s "doctors" would use a bellows to blast tobacco smoke up a person's ass if they drown. They believed that it would resuscitate them. They also would do it for headaches, and anything else. Eventually people caught on, and only shady and money hungry doctors continued the practice because it was cheaper than actually doing anything. So the term "He's just blowing smoke up yer arse" became a thing to mean being insincere or or trying to flatter someone because those doctors were the equivalent of used car salesmen. Doctors like that were trying to sell you on stuff and make money, with flattery, lies... etc. So yeah... someone did do it at some point for it to exist as a phrase.

  • June 2021: Humanity is saved from COVID thanks to the aid of Lemurs who were rescued from extinction.

  • 3:39 lol.... wait.. what!?

  • Sigh... I miss free pooping.


  • Ooh... Biyerwds.

  • All the toilets in the land will now be called "John's" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Who else just watch this videos every now and them again because they are just too good to only be watched once?

  • Zoboomafoo!

  • Was expecting a zabumafu joke at some point

  • 2:23 "Hold on, I need to apply my buffs"

  • mendebur lemur ?

  • You got me at brown eyed Earl.

  • 04:00 where is the part that they get high from it?

  • 0:40 the logic 😂😂😂

  • He said Waved in their general direction... What are the French doing in Mada- THATS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS YOU-

  • 🤣🤗💯🇺🇸

  • If these are still being made, i need one about red pandas please

  • 2:36

  • Interesting Instagram accounts

  • Such a crack up...fellow weird alien life form, SALUTE!

  • Ze, it must be amazing to be the funniest and most creative guy on planet Earth!

  • "I fart in your general direction!!!!" (Monty Python,in search of the Holy Grail.)

  • Other nature documentaries don't spend nearly enough time talking about the animals penises

  • bahahahahaha I cant stop watching these please do more. I actually laugh myself into a gut pain thanks

  • Ten bucks says you leave next at the hands of the bouncer

  • I honestly watch this episode every couple of months. Still great!!!!

  • 🤣

  • Oop, nope... That's a male.

  • 5:55

  • Pretty sure "blowing smoke up their ass" refers to an old medical practice of literally blowing smoke up someone's asshole

  • They use the poisonous millipedes as a drug, basically. it gets them "high" and has some benefit i cant remember.

  • Everything I wanted to know, but didn’t learn from the Kraft brothers 🤓

  • Shoulda been "Total Eclipse of the Fart!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • And also affect when the lemurs bite the centipedes It releases a chemical that gets the monkeys stone so they are not only putting insecticide on themselves but they are getting high in the process hence the over salivation.

  • Interestingly enough the act of blowing smoke up one's rear was often a cure used when somebody had fainted it was a ministered by doctors and approved in many health professionals however nowadays is considered an incorrect practice but that is where originated from

  • Lemurs like to move it, move it.

  • Thank you!!! I only have tears of laughter!!! Amazing!!!

  • I'm surprised you didn't mention the Stoner lemurs getting high off the millipedes

  • You need a video about the foosa!

  • .. the little piggy didn’t go shopping? .. damn

  • I love that without even watching the video I knew exactly how he’d pronounce lemur, it’s the little consistency in this world that delight me

  • The millapeds also get the lemurs high. Also search up eye eyes (probably not right spelling) if you want to see nightmare lemurs.

  • ,, i fart in your general direction..." i see what you did there ;))

  • Turds eye view LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!LOL

  • That "little piggy went to the market" thing, it was sold.... not just going shopping I just got it.... I'm turning 27 tomorrow, I grown up now?

  • Honey Badger don't give s hit Sefaka dont give a s hit Random lemur: I'm taking a shit.

  • Narrator: we both get paid to do our job. NOW DO YOUR JOB Jerome: lazes his nitzles in the sun* I'm doing it

  • Apparently ancient Egyptians used to waft smoke up the tunics of people entering temples to drive out demons. Maybe that's where the phrase came from?


  • The rigid liquid reassembly inform because traffic promisingly harm a a mere dinghy. gullible gusty, useless foundation

  • I clicked because I wanted to hear him say lemeur and he said it just 5 seconds in😂

  • Can't believe I still owe him $10

  • Very educational and fun to watch.

  • Zaboomafoo

  • This is the most creative original channel on PLthrow hands down love the content.

  • "He probably named his Cat, Cat food Cat."

  • “Lemurs are adorable but they are going extinct”

  • This had to be the fucking funniest episode I have seen ever of all your videos and all time and I'm only 49. I can now look forward to 50

  • I don't know why but "byirds" gets me every time

  • Pitzel is my Mother's maiden name.

  • ZABOOMAFOO???!??!

  • heheheheheh 👌

  • Zoboomafoo

  • Blowing smoke up ones ass was an emergency move performed on drowning victims in England a couple hundred years ago, they even put up stations near docks etc. Behind glass was emergency tobacco and pipe, no seriously

  • You need to pause just to laugh enough before he goes for his next line😂😂

  • Thank you

  • "oh, nope, that's a male" while a lemur just pitches a tent, but without the canvas. I am deceased Also I am immature apparently.

  • "Lemurs are cute", I m disapointed you didn't showed an Aye-Aye just after that.

  • It’s called the “Stink Palm” and it was featured prominently in Kevin Smiths ‘Mallrats’.

  • imagine modeling an animal based on king Julian.

  • Actually doctors use to blow smoke up peoples asses...NOT JOKING...they are ancestors of ccd, who, and all cnn so.called experts who are always u named for.a.reason.

  • Now thr world knows where ccn don leeeemon got his special bar gag

  • it’s zaboomafoo

  • “I fart in your general direction “.

  • Fun fact: Blowing smoke up someone's ass was a common medical procedure. For people who drowned. The guy who had that idea, was a true genius .

  • how could you do an entire episode on lemurs, yet never mention Zooboomafoo?

  • "Like if a tornado hit a flaming hot cheeto factory" That's strangely specific 😂 Love the way you describe stuff that goes on in nature

  • 1:17 Zaboomafoo!

  • This voice would be epic in Math Tutorials. 🤣 I would learn the skills needed in minutes with this type of explanation on solving derivatives.

  • dffdstrwsxxxxcctyy7i;

  • 5:15 WHAT. I watched All Hail King Julien when I was like 14 and I really wanted to take care of a leemur.... i love lemuurs

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂